Expo ART-UP your wall

Since November you can check out my latest work at a solo-expo “ART-UP your wall”, Peperstraat 5 Ronse.

It’s a collection full of black, gold and silver, my signature colors, but this time I added some fluorescent vibrant colors: orange, pink and red. Some of the works are finished with a shiny resin coat. The contradiction between mat and shiny is present in every of my works.

As a diplomated psychologist, I use Minimalistic Abstract Art Paintings to express peoples personality, character and sometimes lifes: inner energy, sparkle, power and sometimes life-challenges are all expressed through mostly black and white paintings, with all kinds of silver and gold finishes, shines and sparkles, sometimes added by some fluorescent colors.

My paintings weave together personal and collective joy, hope, fear and memories.

The works are very Minimalistic and simple, but at the same time so complex and unique (like most of us). it’s all about the details. Thousands kinds of gold, sparkle and shades of light.

If not painting for someone in particular, I like to use social issues as a source of inspiration.

I like to use contrasts to express emotions:

  • Black – White
  • Mat – Shiny
  • Simplicity – Complexity
  • Modest – Explosive
  • Rationality – Emotion
  • External glitter – Inner power

I like mixing unusual materials and techniques, and constantly renewing myself and my art pieces. I don’t use a lot of brushes, but gold foil, spraypaint, ashes, pallet knifes, pleated cardboard, garden tools, resin, all kinds of plastic waste, my hands and fingers, etc.

Enjoy the expo!

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