Casual Chique Collection

Gold & Silver, Black & White Minimalistic Art Collection – Its all about the shiny/mat contrasts, and lots of depth. This collection is about mixed emotions, joy vs pain, happiness vs hurt. Emotional, empathetic, sometimes painful but always sincere. Real, raw feelings.

Intensity Collection

Fluorescent & bright orange, Gold & Silver, Black & White Minimalistic Art Collection. Supershiny or mat, all about contrasts! Lots of 3D, depth and structure… This collection is all about intense emotions, and how deep we have to dig into the layers to get to our heart and our soul. All these separate layers are very visible and sensible in this collection. Enjoy!

Dream Collection

First impressions on “Dream”collection: intriguing shapes and sparkling effects. Abstracts are perceived as meaningful things by the observer. They make the mind perceive things, that are in fact not really there. They are in reality pure abstracts. Rorschach-alike effects 🥰😵‍💫