Rich structured big abstract art works, mainly in sparkling gold and silver shades, or in vibrant colors. All works are very luxurious and high-end. Mat finishes in deep contrast with highgloss effects. Rich deep structures & mindblowing 3D effects which trick your mind. You perceive things that aren’t really there, as everything created was purely abstract art. Enjoy the mind blow! 💕

“Beautiful works Helene! I can see why they sell fast.
They have high esthetic value, fill the space but stay subtle and intriguing from different point of views. Beautiful range of collections!” Emely Christiaens, art-expert “Stukken van Mensen” (Play4, Belgian TV show)
Art3F Monaco 25-27 aug 2023
Art(ist) meeting Knokke 17-20 aug 2023 🥰

Some pics…

The special effects on some of the pics are caused by a highgloss-mirror-effect.

These are only my latest works, there are more on my page GOLD & SILVER COLLECTIONS – Helene De Smet Art (Minimalistic Abstract Art) and COLORED COLLECTIONS – Helene De Smet Art (Minimalistic Abstract Art)

Gold Art works: compilation of a few of my gold art works. I have a lot more, you can find all art works under “collection” in the menu above 💛
First impressions on “Dream”collection”: intriguing shapes and sparkling effects. Abstracts are perceived as meaningful things by the observer. They make the mind perceive things, that are in fact not really there. Rorschach-effects 🥰 Enjoy!
Compilation of “Intensity” collection: vibrant black and some bright color details, mainly red orange and pink, heavy contrasts & intense highgloss. ENJOY!

Hello Art-lover!

Art is not a thing, it’s a way. It’s about learning how to see. Realizing that everything connects to everything else. Art is form of love, art is the ultimate gift. Things people have no words for, I say with color and shapes.

I’ve always been an art-lover and an artist. I’ve been painting intensely for more than 30 years now. I combine art with interior design. My artworks need to be stunningly beautiful. I create Big Minimalistic Abstract Paintings, in gold & silver, black & white, subtle & fluorescent, rough & refined. They are all marbled highgloss, mat, or a combination of both. I use unique techniques and structure to obtain rare 3D effects and marbled shiny finishes. I can honestly say that you haven’t seen this kind of powerful pieces a lot before.

The contrast is fantastic! So beautiful in daylight ànd underneath a spot. I love using contrasting finishes to enhance the contrast and to give every piece more depth. These make the artworks highly exclusive and one-of-a kind. It is very hard to catch the magic of my paintings on picture, so I highly recommend you try to see them live.

As an artist & psychologist, I create personalized big art pieces inspired by people’s inner sparkle & dreams, intriguing personalities and their path of life.


These works are the journey of a free soul, inspired by lovely people, positivity and hope. Art enables us to find ourselves, and lose ourselves at the same time. When I create, I have no rules. I do what feels good. That’s what’s so great about art. I get inspired by personalities, peoples energy, and the sparkle I feel when I think about them. People are so vibrant, so strong, so shiny. That’s what inspires me to use gold, silver, champagne & sparkles. Of course life isn’t one big firework. I often use mat surfaces and neutral black and white, which makes the artworks even more interesting. I like using acryl, palet knifes, cardboard, sponges, gold leaf, paste, burned book or article ashes, spray paint, ribbon, other paint, resin and all other kind of assets to keep me going (in fact everything exept brushes). I get inspiration to use new techniques and materials every day.

Every painting is inspired by peronalities. I sell ready paintings representing the sparkle you find in interesting people, but I also work on commission, where I make an artwork on demand. In these I can adjust measurements as you wish, so it fits perfectly on the size of your wall. It gives me even more inspiration because I can create someting exclusively for the client. I call it an “art attack”: the overwhelming feeling of having so many creative ideas at once…

Helene xxx

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece & a work in progress simultaneously 💕


  • In the menu (right upper corner), you can find more info about me, my inspirations, the collections, practical info, close-up video’s and more.
  • All canvas sizes are possible (on demand). Price on demand (depends on size and desires).
  • You can give specific requirements: based on these I create one big original art piece. You can also give ‘Carte Blanche’. In the “collections” page, you find ready painted works. These can be bought, ordered in another size (I make a similar work) or used as a base for a unique painting, inspired by you.
  • Current expo’s at About Helene De Smet – Helene De Smet Art (Minimalistic Abstract Art)

“Beautiful works Helene! I can see why they sell fast.
They have high esthetic value, fill the space but stay subtle and intriguing from different point of views. Beautiful range of collections!” Emely Christiaens, art-expert “Stukken van Mensen” (Play4, Belgian TV show)

“Painting is a mirror… it mirrors our lives.
We’re talking about the inner landscape”

My most recent works are on this website. On facebook and/or instagram I regularly post videos of my work.

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Abstract art by Helene De Smet



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  3. Bedankt voor het mooie schilderij! Fijn dat je mijn ‘idee’ begreep en op canvas kon schilderen. Komt heel mooi tot recht. Top artiest.

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